Puppets & MORE!!!!


I primarily got into sculpture which I studied as an Undergraduate at SAIC for, baised upon my interest for puppets and childrens programing. I have made a wide breadth of puppets under the rules set in place by Jim Henson, since late highschool I have made 20+ puppets, and want to study with Seaseme street. I also do more metal and wood work now.

Pizza Time

I've been in lots of bands b4; mainly Big Urethra, Urethra Heap, (as well as friends music; Milo Mcgehee, Frankenstein Baby)... and some solo work


I am in a family-band entitled 'Urethra Heap' as the vocalist with my Dad and little sister, listen to us here: https://urethraheap.bandcamp.com/releases


My dream is to have a Television show with my internet friends some day and all live in a warehouse together, inqueries r open: taboban.inc@gmail.com

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